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A Fun Activity That Teaches Toddlers Patience and Burns Calories

Have fun with your toddler and their friends. This game, “Please, Please Say Your Name”, is also great for older kids too like preschoolers. They will love it and remember it forever and constantly beg you to do it. You can vary the speed to teach them about fast, medium and slow speeds. You can also vary the things you say for example you can say “Please, please say your age, or say your mommy’s name or “a name” which can be any family member’s name or whoever or whatever they choose. For example it can be the name of an animal, car, color, fruit or vegetable.

With this game there is so much that you can do with it. You can have them use their imagination and think of any name or you can make it more specific by using the above suggestions. Another thing you can do for more visual learners and to reinforce what has already been taught, for example the days of the week or months of the year, is point to the item and have the class yell it out. Of course you know they will love the yelling out part.

To get more of their bodies involved you can have them stand in their own space and jump up and down to the same beat in their place and flap their arms at the same time or hop on one foot to the beat. Use your imagination and feel free to try what ever comes to you. Also don’t leave out the kids, you want them to use their imagination too so ask them for suggestions too. They love to help and helping others makes them feel special, important and needed. It also builds self esteem.

Lastly, not only does this activity buid patience, and self control (they have to have self control not to just do whatever they want and stick with the beat and the way it’s being done in the group). They also learn to speak up for themselves, to receive and give praise and encouragement and to also cooperate and follow instructions. They learn patience by waiting for their turn and they also learn about patterns, rythmn and timing.

So try this fun activity either at home or school. If you are like me and have an only child ask some of their friends to come over or try it with their toys, The toys’ name can be said by your child in a different voice. They will love it!!!!!! So give it a try and let me know how you made out. Please feel free to leave a comment or tell us about your experiences.

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Healthy Eating Habits For Infants: The Importance of Laying A Great Foundation

Creating healthy eating habits early for your infant is of the utmost importance. Many people don’t realize that they have many more options than jar baby food and that what you feed your baby now will affect what they eat later on in life.

I am writing this post after witnessing a young mother allowing her 11 month old baby to Read More Here…


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Kids Health: Preventing Childhood Obesity With This Habit

Did you know that the average 3-5 year old needs 11-13 hours of sleep. This means that if they wake up at 7 am then they should be in bed by 8 pm the night before. For kids 6-10 they need 10-11 hours of sleep a night. This is according to Jodi Mindell, Associate Director of the Sleep Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She is also the author of “Take Charge Of Your Child’s Sleep”. This book is about helping your child get the much needed sleep that is needed for their growth and development. Sleep is one of the most Read More Here…


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Healthy Eating for Kids- What’s Best

What is the best healthy eating plan for my child I am frequently asked. The best answer to that question is the eating plan that your child will eat. Because it can be the most nutritous, sensible and most wonderful plan in the world but if your child doesn’t eat it what good is it. It will cause nothing but stress and strife and aggravation to force them to eat things they hate. Not what you or your child had in mind right. You can accomplish a healthy eating plan for your child by doing a few things, starting early, experimenting and involving your child in the process.

Creating good eating habits when children are infants help to pave the way for good eating habits well into adulthood. It is important to introduce them to water early so that they will develop a liking to it. I cannot tell you how many of my students think that water is not important, don’t like the taste of it and will not drink it, especially my older students. What’s really essential is to not only create the habit but stay consistent. A lot of things we start and do when our children are young but we do not follow through when they become school aged.

Introduce your children to a variety of fruits and vegetables prepared in different ways like juiced, cold, stir fried, in soups or smoothies. Smoothies are my favorite as well as juicing because you can get multiple servings of the fruit or vegetables in. Keep trying don’t give up. Just because they don’t like something today doesn’t mean they won’t like it at another time or maybe it has to be prepared a certain way. For instance my daughter will not eat cooked carrots but she will eat them raw. So make sure you explore all of your options.

Lastly there are many cook books on the market with kids in mind. Involve them in the processs of good eating habits. Getting them invloved has them take ownership and also empowers them. They learn what they do is valuable and valued. It also stirs their creative juices to think of receipes or to try different things. Remember when cooking with kids simplicity is best, their palate is not quite as developed as an adult.

If you have any helpful hints to share on what worked for you or some delicious recipes please share them with us.


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Healthy Kids Are Important

Healthy kids are an important part of all of our lives but is an area that is overlooked. We tend to focus more on kids once they are sick and not think about creating and developing happy, healthy and smart kids from the start.

Only recently since childhood obesity has become such a popular topic has the issue of children’s weight and health become something that the media and public are now interested in. Thirty percent of our children today are obese. This is an alarming number and this site intends to bring you information that will help you learn preventive methods of avoiding this dilemna as well as what you can do if you are in this situation presently.

Our children are our future. They deserve every advantage and opportunity available to be the best they can be. I am a mother as well as an educator and because I am a mom and I want the best for my child. I can empathize and know that you want the best for yours or the children in your life. It can be a student, niece, nephew, or grandchild it matters not we all want the best for them.

So feel free to comment and tell us what is important to you so that we can provide it for you. You are important to us and we value your opinion and comments. So please feel free to share them.

Lastly you can do a whole lot for your child by being a good role model children do what they see not necessarily what they are told. Don’t worry none of us are perfect and are doing the best we can. So just do your best and remember inch by inch it’s a cinch and yard by yard it’s hard. A little goes a long way.